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Discover the pros and cons of Louvre Windows.

Louvre Windows

What is a Louvre Window?

Louvre windows are a popular choice for HDB corridor or toilet windows in Singapore. These windows have panels that lie on top of each other and can be fixed or opened as pivoted slats.

The hinge positioned at the top allows the lower part of the window to swing out, making it ideal for areas where space is limited. You can manually adjust the window using a lever on the side, allowing you to control the level of ventilation and the amount of sunlight entering the space. Unlike traditional windows, louvre windows do not encroach into the room when opened, providing a sleek and functional solution.

The Pros and Cons of Louvre Windows


  1. Natural Light: Louvre windows maximize the amount of natural light entering a space, creating a bright and welcoming environment.
  2. High-Quality Aluminium: Crafted from durable materials, louvre windows offer longevity and low maintenance, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for years.
  3. Ventilation: These windows are excellent for ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow in while keeping rainwater out, even when partially open during rainfall. Ventilating the toilet helps prevent mold growth.
  4. Space-Saving: Perfect for small spaces, louvre windows open outward without taking up interior room, making them ideal for compact areas like HDB toilet windows. They easily match modern architecture, adding a sleek and contemporary look.


  1. Privacy: Depending on the angle of the slats, privacy may be compromised. However, they can be fully closed when privacy is needed and opened for ventilation as required. The angle of the slats can be easily adjusted.
  2. Maintenance: The slats can accumulate dust and grime, requiring regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and functionality.

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